Adorable Dolls

Calling this blog Girl’s Own Room probably a big mistake, as for now I’m no longer a girl.

But still I have this girly child love for dolls, especially the fluffy, softie, plushy, huggable one.

Here are my faves :

Cubert – the hedgehog , soft art toy by Wassupbrothers

Isn’t he the cutest hedgehog or what?

Henry Deer with the hand embroidered flowered face . Soft art toy by Wassupbrothers

Henry’s  just too adorable! I don’t even..

Dexter the Bat in Blue and Stripes from Sugarposse

Kawaii~Too bad it’s not available now.

Pink owl pillow / softie from Craftaholicgr

I love owl, who doesn’t?

That’s it for now, do you think it’s childish for grown ups to have cute doll?



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