What I start watching recently

Well, since American Horror Story has ended, I have to look for another TV series to keep myself away from a boring free time. I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, but the recent episodes is boring because it’s just filler. They just stretching the story, I lost interest.

My friend recommends me this show, I know it’s old. But I just watch them recently!

 Do you watch this show?

I don’t know why so much hate for this sitcom? It’s funny!
Don’t be too serious, watch for fun only >.<

The Sims 3 University Life — Announce Trailer

It’s official! I need to play this game again. Been a big fan of the franchise, but since the last expansion pack Season, I’ve lost interest coz it’s boring. But this expansion pack looks fun! I’m a geek that way.

If you do play The Sims3 you should watch his review, I love his reviews. Funny and his voice is just so calming, hee hee.

What do you think of the new expansion? Will you buy it? Or do you never play this game?



Hello! How are you guys!?

Sorry if this blog is confusing, it’s because I blogged for fun and I don’t have theme for my blog. So I post whatever’s on my mind right now. I hope you don’t mind if you’re following my blog 🙂

I hate being fat. I’m 165cm and I’m now 55kg , I used to be 50 kg but recently I gained weight, I’m kind of jealous of girls who eats so much but can’t get fat. My target is to get back at 50 kg!

So, I’m trying a new exercise that I found on the internet. Because they’re free and you can do it at home.

Here’s the new thing I will do for this month. Have any of you ever heard of Bodyrock?

The bodyrock host, Lisa. Isn’t she super gorgeous!!

I found this accidentaly by a tweet, I forgot who tweeted it but I’m curious because she said she lost 3 kg in a month! I found the exercise is hard, it burns fat more, and it’s challenging.

I will do the 30 days January challenge on their website. I know it’s not January, but who cares.

It’s crazy! I don’t know if I would be able to do it. If any of you have tried, can you tell me your experience please?