Hello! How are you guys!?

Sorry if this blog is confusing, it’s because I blogged for fun and I don’t have theme for my blog. So I post whatever’s on my mind right now. I hope you don’t mind if you’re following my blog 🙂

I hate being fat. I’m 165cm and I’m now 55kg , I used to be 50 kg but recently I gained weight, I’m kind of jealous of girls who eats so much but can’t get fat. My target is to get back at 50 kg!

So, I’m trying a new exercise that I found on the internet. Because they’re free and you can do it at home.

Here’s the new thing I will do for this month. Have any of you ever heard of Bodyrock?

The bodyrock host, Lisa. Isn’t she super gorgeous!!

I found this accidentaly by a tweet, I forgot who tweeted it but I’m curious because she said she lost 3 kg in a month! I found the exercise is hard, it burns fat more, and it’s challenging.

I will do the 30 days January challenge on their website. I know it’s not January, but who cares.

It’s crazy! I don’t know if I would be able to do it. If any of you have tried, can you tell me your experience please?