Happy Mother’s Day

I’m posting this at 1.30 am here, so basically it’s Mother’s day already!

For moms out there, happy mother’s day! I’m sure you guys will get a lot of love from your children.

So, I’m going to print some cards for my mom, you can get all kind of cute printable for free out there :3

This one is what I’m going to print

From Pumpkins & Posies

Here’s the link if you’re going to print it form mother’s day 😀

Click here *

How about you guys, do you buy gifts for your mom? What is it? I’m running out of good and cheap idea for gift.

I’m student you see, I don’t have lot of dough. Hee~hee.

The Sims 3 University Life — Announce Trailer

It’s official! I need to play this game again. Been a big fan of the franchise, but since the last expansion pack Season, I’ve lost interest coz it’s boring. But this expansion pack looks fun! I’m a geek that way.

If you do play The Sims3 you should watch his review, I love his reviews. Funny and his voice is just so calming, hee hee.

What do you think of the new expansion? Will you buy it? Or do you never play this game?